Tourism and Hotels in Asansol

The Asansol-Durgapur division has been registered as the most prospective region of West Bengal. The region has gained a great deal of recognition in the recent past, due to its constant development in the field of coal and steel industries. If we focus specifically on Asansol, the city has been classified as the 11th fastest growing city in India, and in fact it has been ranked among the 42 fastest cities in the world. The growth of a number of steel, coal and railroad industries in Asansol has given it the size of the 39 largest urban sprawl in India. The well-known industries located in Asansol are Chittaranjan Locomotive Works, Indian Railways, IISCO Steel Plant, Eastern Coalfields and Hindustan Cables.

Today, almost all large and small businesses have been founded in Asansol and one of these companies that has been increasing in a meteorological way is hospitality. Recently, there has been a frequent tour of corporate and government officials in the city due to the growing industrial and professional requirements. Due to this, a large number of high class hotels have emerged in the industrial city and dominating the list is Hotel Asansol International located on GT Road East in Murgansol and is the more preferred for companies and VIPs. Some other hotels include Parbati International Hotel near Parbati Shopping Arcade at Ashram More, at Ispat International at Burnpur Road, at Sormistha Residency at Vivekananda Sarani and at the Retiro Ambassador at GT Road.

In addition to this, Asansol has also become a famous tourist site as people visiting the neighborhood of Bardhaman and its nearby areas, such as Mython and Shantiniketan, choose Asansol as the Your hub due to the availability of hotels and accommodations of the latest generation for all types of tourists. To accommodate travelers' budgets, there are all the levels and stars of hotels in Asansol and to name a few, we have to mention Chatterjee International in Rambandhutalaw, Citi Residenci on National Highway 2, Hotel Royal and Prakash International, Both located in Bastin Bazaar Baker Ali Lane, Sri Niketan at Mallik Para, Avantika Lodging Pvt. Services at GT Road and RL Palace at Court More.

Asansol hotels make good business almost the whole year. Corporate and government officials make year-round journeys while tourists visit the site mainly during the holidays. The latest survey also shows that the steel and coal economy in the city has been growing strategically, while other ancillary businesses, such as retail, catering and restaurants, will increase even more in the next days