Best Recommended Budget Hotels Near Bangkok's BTS Sky Train Stations

Bangkok, Thailand is undoubtedly one of the most fascinating cities to explore in Southeast Asia. To do your free stress exploration in Bangkok, consider staying in the hotel next to one of the best ways to go the city, the BTS Sky Train.

Since Bangkok is a compact city, there are many types of different hotels with different costs. Obviously, most travelers today are worried about spending too much money. The good news is that there are many cheap hotels near the BTS stations that are distributed along the train routes.

First, the BTS Sky Train travels through two different highway trains, which cross two of the most congested avenues in Bangkok called Silom Road and Sukhumvit, and are not coincidentally the busiest districts in the city where An important tourist and expats choose to make their stay.

The train system is not too extensive and stops along commercial Bangkok and a competition for popular tourist destinations. Therefore, it is easy to use, especially because signs and trains ads are in English. Even station attendants can also help in English. But one of the best reasons to use the Sky Train is accessibility, an important reason for anyone traveling on a budget.

And along the BTS train lines there are many cheap hotels within walking distance of the stations. Many of these hotels are very popular not only for the price, but for their quality. To place the price you pay for a 2-star hotel in the west, you can get a 3-star hotel in Bangkok.

A popular economy hotel is the new Salil Hotel Thong Lor near the Sukhumvit road and is close to the BTS Thong Lo station. The hotel is located in a trendy neighborhood with many popular bars and restaurants, filled with local yuppies.

A more central alternative is the Manhattan Hotel next to the Nana BTS station. It is very popular among tourist groups, but the hotel is large enough not to feel crowded. There is also a lot of activity that surrounds the hotel, including 2 red light districts within walking distance.

The last recommended economy hotel is City Lodge 9 which is also next to the Sukhumvit road. It is a small hotel run by a very popular hotel chain. As in the Manhattan hotel, City Lodge 9 is centrally located close to the red light neighborhoods. And you can take the train from the sky from the Nana BTS station.

Riding Bangkok BTS Sky Trains is the ticket to explore the cosmopolitan edge of the city. It's easy to use, fast and cheap. And staying in a cheap hotel near a station is a real bonus to explore Bangkok easily.