Lanzarote – Hotels, Apartments and Villas

The popular holiday destination of Lanzarote is blessed with warm weather throughout the year. That is why tourists gather on the island throughout the year. This means that the island enjoys all the tourism during the whole year and there is very little "seasonal" fall of the tourist trade.

People who fly to Lanzarote will usually stay in one of three different types of accommodation. A luxury hotel, an apartment within a complex or standard or a villa / bungalow. The type of accommodation is really under the personal preferences and possibly the budget, but you do not have to spend the land on the accommodation to enjoy your vacations in Lanzarote, as we will face it, not You have to spend a lot of time doing it.

Luxury hotels in Lanzarote tend to extend beyond the building. This is due to a restriction on the building on the ground, which means that any building should not be taller than a certain height. Unfortunately, it seems that some of the largest hotel chains in the island have built illegally and violate the rules, but I do not see them disappear soon.

In a luxury hotel, you can expect to have loved it from the moment you arrive. From doormen who carry luggage to a friendly welcome at the billing desk. The rooms are generally well furnished and have a bed (or beds), TV, minibar and shower / bath. Hotel meals are usually served in a dining area, but, of course, in many cases, it is not far to go to the station where restaurants can find a lot.

If you like something a little more "practical" then an independent apartment could be for you. In Lanzarote there are many different apart-hotel complexes that usually have their own pool (or pools), facilities on the site, such as shops and bars, and give you the freedom to decide whether to eat or not. The apartments usually have a living area, a kitchen area, a bathroom and a bedroom, so live in a holiday home.

Villas and bungalows are usually the same as apart hotels, apart from the fact that they are privately owned and are normally provided at a higher level. They also sleep more bodies. For larger families or groups & # 39; The villas are usually a very cheap way of renting accommodation for your holidays, as they tend to pay for the villa, and not for the amount of people that are staying there. Most Villas de Lanzarote tend to have a small private pool and a terrace where you can enjoy the island's climate.

The choice of accommodation is usually reduced to the personal preferences, what can be allowed and the type of vacation you want to look for.