Some of the Best Hotels in Bohol

Bohol is one of the most important destinations in the Philippines. If you plan on making a vacation and are having trouble finding a place that suits your needs, see this list of the main stations and hotels located on the island.

Flushing Meadows Resort and Playground

Enjoy the pristine white beach and a peaceful setting for an exclusive getaway on the tropical island. Go swimming, diving, playing tennis or practicing squirrels on private balconies overlooking the Mindanao Sea.

Bohol Beach Club

This shrine next to the sea offers first class amenities for beach lovers and diving enthusiasts. It is the only and only first-class resort on the island of Panglao.

Amarela Resort

This Mediterranean-style villa, on the top of a slope, shows a surprising view of the Bohol Sea. This first-class boutique complex has its collection of pieces of art and antique furniture that is clearly Bohol.

Lost Horizon Resort

With crystalline waters, virgin beaches and magnificent gardens, a stay at the resort resembles a trip to the past. Explore the magic island or just relax on the seaside balconies.

Olman's Resort View

Uniquely situated overlooking the Tagbilaran harbor cliff, it is a short distance from the city, the beach, the Loboc River and the historic church of Baclayon. The perfect place to stay in the main attractions of Bohol.

Grande Sunset Resort

In the northeastern tip of the Panglao island there is a tropical paradise surrounded by a mangrove forest and high palms. This quiet paradise can even be more comfortable than your home.

Bohol Diver Resort

This fun-filled complex with hospital staff and equipment will never run out of fun activities. Enjoy diving services, massages and game installations.

Amorita Beach Resort

Wake up to the wonders of nature that surround you in this impressive complex on a cliff overlooking the ocean. Bohol & # 39; Beloved girl & # 39; It is the flight of the dreams of fuss and the hustle and bustle of urban life.

Metro Center Hotel

Located in the heart of Tagbilaran's commercial district, this sanctuary will pamper you with its friendly services and first class facilities.

Bohol Tropics Resort

A place for the authentic hospitality and charm of Boholano with complete leisure facilities and amenities that only offer the best resorts. Enjoy live entertainment every night while eating native Filipino dishes.

Panglao Island Nature Resort and Spa

Experience the splendor of Bohol in its most luxurious luxury, with tropical landscapes, clear waters and white sand beaches. Escapes the disorder of urban life in this tropical sanctuary.

Alona Kew White Beach Resort

Welcome to paradise! Pamper yourself and your loved ones in your own private oasis where you can not save anything to get the best of everything.

Alona Palm Beach Resort and Restaurant

Enjoy the best Bohol resort and restaurant, with its sumptuous variety of local and international dishes accompanied by the best wine from its well-elaborated wine list.

Soledad Suits

The first and only luxury boutique hotel in the city of Tagbilaran, located in Lou Square, in the heart of the commercial district. A short distance from the airport, the seaport and the beach.

These resorts and hotels are highly recommended by other tourists and sellers. They could be found on the web and offer online reservations for your convenience. Good luck in your travels and you can find the perfect place to stay wherever you want to stay.