Interesting History About Michigan's 2nd Great City and What to Find There

Grand Rapids is located on the Grand River in the state of Michigan and is the second largest city in the state after Detroit. It acquired the nickname Furniture City years ago when it was the leading industry there but that is not the case with many of today‚Äôs economically assisted businesses such as healthcare, […]

State Treasures of Alabama, Kentucky, Illinois, New York and Michigan

The state treasuries of the state serve as state banks; they also manage state money, and therefore play a vital role in their overall economic success. Universal among the states of Alabama, Kentucky, Illinois, New York and Michigan the role of the Treasury and their attitudes to university education. Each department works to invest in […]

Preservation – A Subdivision With A Wish For Everyone in Lake Orion, Michigan!

If you're looking for Lake Orion homes for sale, The Preserve is a subdivision that will definitely top your list. The Preserve is located north of Waldon Rd. and just west of Baldwin Road, a few miles north of I-75 when exiting 84. As one watches you drive up and down Shadow Creek Drive off […]

Real Estate Select Fenton, MI – Michigan's Super Strategy & # 39; s Economy for Buyer and Seller.

If you know any part of Michigan's economy & # 39; you know it's been good for years, and it can continue to weaken. The real estate rental option in Fenton, MI is a strategy that works well today & # 39; It's an economy if you are a seller or buyer. Fenton is a […]

Network Services for Your Business Growth in Michigan

As a business grows, the challenges of establishing and maintaining a complete network function become increasingly complex. Technology advancements have featured a variety of new devices, connectivity platforms, and software packages that require full access to network capabilities. Introducing smart phones, PDA & # 39; s, and tablet PC & # 39; s all put […]

Ann Arbor Suites – Facilities and Reservations

The City is Michigan's 7th largest city. The wife introduced it to the town's founder and resting trees in the town. It is home to the University of Michigan and Hospital, technology companies, auto manufacturers, research facilities and engineering centers. The town is also visited by historical museums, parks and recreation areas, commercial centers, arts […]

Michigan Weather Can Be a Problem for Homeowners Fighting Flood Damage and Water Damage

There are nothing like winters in Michigan when you know that your home is damaged by several inches of snow and freezing temperatures. Heavy snow storage on your roof can result in ice dams. Freezing temperatures can cause exposed pipes to break or break. These ices are aroused & # 39; t from clogged drains. […]

Stadium Food – Ford Field, Detroit, Michigan

Last November when I attended the Detroit Lions-Green Bay Packers game at Ford Field in Detroit, Michigan and thanks to the good guys at Levy Restaurants and Finn Partners, I spoke with Executive Chef Joe Nader and learned about the amazing culinary offerings that the stadium has available for its patrons. Eating sporting events has […]