Michigan Schools Get Directions From Governor Granholm

Gov. Jennifer M. Granholm has a vision for the state of Michigan and schools. In 2005, the Cherry Commission on Higher Education recommended that the state need to double the number of college graduates to compete in the economy. Granholm took this recommendation and developed his small high school initiative for Michigan schools.

He believes small high schools allow students to develop relationships and engage more with their teachers, eventually creating a setting for more rigorous coursework and students. having completed college.

Nationwide has proven that small high schools with small classes make a huge difference in students' lives. The Governor, in partnership with the Skillman Foundation, urges schools to create, expand and develop smaller high schools. The Foundation encourages and organizes the foundation's support for the initiative.

Michigan's specific campuses are primarily targeted for small campus and class development. Any high school that does not meet federal student achievement goals under the No Child Left Behind Act and / or is found in districts with a high dropout rate prior to list of Governors & # 39; s listing for enlargement.

Following the recommendations of the Cherry Commission & # 39; s, the Governor called on state lawmakers to pass legislation to facilitate schools concealing and building new facilities. Under the Jobs & # 39; s Jobs Now, with the funding needed for public development projects, Michigan districts can borrow up to $ 180 million over a three-year period to repair or build new buildings. , as long as the campus's campus is home to no more than 400-500 students each.

Other incentives under the Governor's program & # 39; including:

o A proposed New Merit Scholarship for Michigan schools, which is in college and has been successfully completed for at least two years – these Michigan students will receive a minimum of $ 4,000 in scholarship support from sources state and federal.

o The Governor calls for a statewide mandatory curriculum for Michigan schools – rigorous and relevant coursework will be included to ensure students are ready to continue their education after high school.

o Beginning in the class of 2008, Michigan students must take the nationally recognized AK for the college's (American College Test) exam – another recommendation by the Cherry Commission to provide preparations for students to attend college.

Michigan schools want every student to be prepared for college, work, and life success. The Governor is helping Michigan schools reach a higher standard in his initiative. Both the Governor's and Michigan's schools believe that helping all students achieve and stay on the path to a successful college degree is paramount. They want to help students consider a college degree as an achievable goal and encourage them to pursue it.

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