Great and Great Michigan Perfect for ATV Riding


For ATV freaks out there, Michigan can be defined in two words and twelve letters …. ENOUGH and GOOD

The state of Michigan is famous for the many different ATV tracks and trails there and numbers continue to increase year after year. the endless number of ATV track tracks is one of the reasons we, at, love Michigan. From snow-capped mountains to the sidewalks of ATV railroads, you can literally find whatever the heart of the ATV imagines. We are not you. Camping or fishing, racing or hunting, you choose

The Baja MX Track is the best ATV track in Michigan … hell, in the world!
The Baja MX ATV track is located in Millington, Michigan and this ATV track features sandy terrain and offers plenty of places to entertain those who don't want to ride their ATVs. On the surface, there are plenty of camping accessories stores for you to choose from, so if the kids love the Baja MX Track as much as we do and you folks decide to hide there for the night, no problem no matter what.
Contact the Baja MX ATV track: 8663, Birch Run Rd., Millington, MI 48746; Phone: (989)871-3356 or email them at; Website:

The Dutch Sportpark MX is a wonderful ATV track for the whole family
If your kids and wife don't like the ATV and don't want to ruin the whole trip for you, the Dutch Sportpark MX is the only place to go. The Dutch Sportpark MX is located in Kalamazoo right outside Bloomingdale, so after the trip, you can still spend time visiting the metropolitan town and the wifey can go for the desired shopping trip … plus, there is a preference # 39; that whatever drives the car in return. Kids have a ball at this ATV park because there is a concession stand there complete with swings, sandboxes and Cartoon Network characters your kids will love. The ATV park is open from 4pm to midnight on Fridays, 7am to midnight on Saturdays and 7:00 pm on Sundays.

To contact them, write to Dutch Sport Park, 13566, CR 665, Bloomingdale, MI, 49026; Phone: (616) 683-4418; Website:

For those who prefer ATV tracks to ATV tracks, if you haven't tried Old Devil & # 39; s Lake Route, it's time to do so.
You will experience one of the most beautiful ATV road trips as you travel the short ten mile ATV route to Alpena, Michigan. The ATV trail is often filled with dirt bikers and ATVs who frequently use it to train or have family fun.

To contact the Devil's people. s Lake Route: Phone: (989) 732-3541; Website with information:


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