The Haunted Lighthouses of America & # 39; Part One


One would think that coastal states are home to most American lighthouses & # 39;

The Spirit's coming. s Good for Business
Big Bay Point Light Station

The ghosts of the lighthouse keepers, their wives and families are famous for scary people, but this guard is certainly good for business!

Considered a relentless workaholic, Keeper William Harry Pryor could not keep a helper until he finally hired his son Edward, who displayed many of his traits. It seems that, while performing his duties, Edward fell ill, injuring his leg, but continued to work despite his inability to heal. When spring arrived, her father had her taken to Marquette hospital, but it was too late for Edward to fall into gangrene poisoning.

The uncontrollable father disappeared in the woods taking only a barrel and some strychnine. About a year and a half later a hunter saw what appeared to be a skull hanging from a tree, and called police. Some red hair spinning in a bad rot, but Pryor's wife & # 39; s, Marie identified the dress and two pocket razors as her husband's. There are plenty of speculations as to whether Pryor disrupted himself or was killed.

Big Bay Point is a popular Bed & Breakfast Inn. A former guard reported hearing noises coming from the kitchen, but not a soul. To calm down the spirit he believed belonged to Pryor, he called his name assuring him that everything was "in control" during the ownership & # 39; It's a lot of fixes and updates.

A guest at the Inn reported seeing a mirror of Pryor's wife & # 39; combing her hair, but when she turned around, no one was found there. Some visitors reported seeing a man in a Lighthouse Service uniform walking the grounds, while others reported seeing a man with red hair walking along a cliff.

These appearances of the Pryors & # 39; did no harm to the B&B business, as it was strong in the summer.

Three Children and one Spirit
Light at Crisp Point – Michigan

Songs and stories abound in the shipwrecks of Lake Superior where Crisp Point Light sits.
One story tells of three young men who, wanting to prove their youngest on the mark, caught their rifles and spent the night in the desert Crisp Point.

At night, they awoke to what sounded like heavy footsteps standing high and stopping to land. They rushed for their rifles and fired a storm of bullets, but no one saw or heard anyone. While they were guarding rifles at the ready, two were asleep, but a third, too, was terrified, guarding the guard. Just before dawn, he heard a sound and woke his friends, and everyone heard a man running back down the stairs. The ghost apparently spent the night on the landing as the lone child watched.

Could it be the ghost of Christopher Crisp, a former lifeguard who reportedly saved many lives, or can it be the ghost of a seaman who died in a gales that is so famous on Lake Superior?


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