Mini Mini Claims – Fixing Car Damage Costs in a Car Accident


What is a Mini-Tort?

Michigan's no-fault laws do not require collision. That's where the limited liability of property damage or mini-tort provision begins to play out. The limited liability property damage, known as a mini-tort exception allows for Michigan accident victims to recover up to $ 500 in their vehicle repair costs under certain circumstances . The purpose is to compensate a person involved in a car accident that is not at fault for spending out of pocket as a result of the collision. The law of torture was created by people free to buy their own collision. If a person has a collision, the total cost of repairing the car from the accident will be borne out of this policy. However, even if someone has a covered coverage, he or she may still make a bogus claim for accidental, out-of-pocket expenses such as a deduction. There are different levels of collision insurance, but most say it covers the cost of repairing a car driver & # 39; s.

How do you qualify and what to collect?
If you do not have a collision with your car, or your coverage is limited, and you do not have a 50 percent error due to accident, you can recover some of your out-of-pocket expenses to repair your car with a mini. -tort. How much you can recover depends on how much you have wronged. For example, say & # 39; The damage to your car is worth $ 100 and some drivers are considered to be 75 percent at fault for the accident. After that he pays $ 75. These cases are usually handled by a small claims court, but any party involved in a car crash can request that the case be maintained at a higher rate. jurisdiction.

How do you file a Mini-Tort claim?
To recover the costs of a car accident, you can write a letter to the person's insurance company that caused the accident, and request the money. Include police report confirming the person responsible for the accidental offense; a notice sheet from your own insurance company showing your coverage; and an estimate of vehicle repair and / or photos including a license plate. You have three years from the date of the car accident to file a false lawsuit or collect your false claim. After three years, your claim is time-barred and you will not be able to collect your false claim under Michigan law.


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