Southwest Michigan Golf and More in Augusta


Augusta, Michigan is a small town in southern Michigan. The town's population is nearly a thousand. This small community embraces the wilderness and enjoys the environment. Augusta is home to some of the more picturesque golf courses in the state of Gull Lake View. Residents looking to enjoy the outdoors can visit the Augusta River flowing through the town. This community is a young community with more than 30% of its population from 25-45 years old.

Within the community lies the most famous tourist attraction Barn Theater. The theater was founded in 1946 by the name of the Players and has been family owned and operated since its inception. Over sixty years later, after more than five hundred shows, and under the direction of Brendan Ragotzy, the son of the owners, the Barn Theater continues to bring tourists to the this small community to enjoy the theater. The Barn Theater is the only resident of Equity's summer stock in the state of Michigan. The theater lists more than fifty thousand people each year during its eleven-week schedule. The theater offers guests with several options to purchase merchandise. Visitors can purchase shirts, hats, and coffee items. Also selling The Man in Spangled Pants, this is a biography written about Jack P. Ragotzy who owns the Barn Theater.

The Barn saw the part of the famous alumni passing through its doors. Jennifer Garner and Robert Newman are just two of the many famous alumni to perform at this theater. The Barn offers locals and outsiders job opportunities.

Not far from Augusta, Michigan is the Gilmore Car Museum. The museum began in 1963 as a recreation for former owner Donald Gilmore. Forty years later the museum still attracts visitors from all over the country to see generations of cars. Donald bought a piece of property and began moving the old barns to the house. He has created a ranch-style home that is home to one of America's largest car collections. Located on the property is the G-Barn that houses some of the most luxurious and vintage cars in America. It is rumored that Donald bought a 1930s Rolls Royce, from his good friend Walt Disney, starring in the movie Gnome-mobile. The barn was called a movie. One of the most famous attractions was the gas station in the 1930s. Visitors were surprised to find that the gas price was listed at 19 cents. The old petrol station is a museum of shell oil history, and offers a memory of shell shells.


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