Grand Rapids Michigan Wooden Pallets – Moving From New Furniture to Used Pellets


The city of Grand Rapids approves and cooperates with Michigan in considering wooden pallets as & # 39; clean wood & # 39 ;, which can be reused, filled with land or used as bark mulch and non-wood such as scrap wood and woodworking. As a center for furniture making, Grand Rapids is committed to bringing world-class wood products while striving to be environmentally responsible.

Wooden pallets are very popular and are used by small and large companies, farms and even homeowners in Grand Rapids. This is because the wooden pallet is cheaper than the plastic and metal pallets. Another reason they are made from renewable resources and is recyclable; and more importantly, wooden pallets have high friction to make the loads more secure.

The pallets, sometimes called skids, are made from boards made of hardwood or soft wood. Three quarters of the newly constructed hardwood is oak, and it accounts for about 50% of the timber trees planted in the country. Wooden pallets are easy to manage and leave almost a waste of waste. A recent study by Virginia Tech's Department of Wood Science and Forest Products and the USDA reported that as little as 0.2 percent of broken pellets go to a landfill. Pallets are not made from fresh materials but from unused cuts from the preparation and processing of trees so that the pallets are not only recyclable but effectively transform waste. material that can be a great product.

The Grand Rapids rice industry is great for business owners and urban dwellers. The local government has asked for industry support. The wood pallet industry is a great catalyst for the good environment and economic recovery of Grand Rapids, Michigan. By repairing and recycling timber supplies, we reduce timber cutting and usable materials from landfills as well as provide employment and materials to thousands of owners and companies. .

Owners of the Grand Rapids wood recycling business often collect pallets from around the city and state, count them for renovation and repairs, repair them, and then sell the repaired pallets returned to the previous user or another buyer. Workers removed the pallets that could not be saved and reduced the size for usable parts. Operations have varying degrees of automation for disassembling, assembling and installing pallets. Depending on the situation, a pallet may require a small or complete repair process in which a destructive machine is required to remove the boards from the stringer. The reclaimed and reusable parts are then retrieved to be reused.

As poverty rates continue to rise, a slight increase as reported by the city of Grand Rapids, recycling wooden pallets has seen a huge potential in providing many opportunities. to work for people. Over 5,000 people earn their living through the industry with a total salary of over $ 137 million annually. The recycling industry also generates annual net revenues of about $ 2 billion from recycled materials including wooden pallets. Formerly known as the "Furniture City" in the US, Grand Rapids has received the largest curbside recycling program and could become "Green City," as does the country.


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