Introducing Michigan & # 39; s Secret Beach Town


Located in Western Michigan, on the shores of Lake Michigan is the small, picturesque village of Pentwater, Michigan. For many years, there was a common bumper sticker found around town that read "Where the hell? Anyone spending here is sure to love the place and come again, so the town & # 39 ; s continued horror as a lasting mystery. Most people in Michigan don't know much about this gem on the coast.

Let me introduce you.

The visits to Pentwater coming from the more famous south route were initially welcomed by Pentwater Lake as the wind on its north coast, with quails and magnificent huts, fishermen's silhouettes, and the occasional swan or duck family. As the road winds to the right, and then departs, and then approaches the village, the view opens to a dock full of harbor, filled with active marinas and charter boats, truly reminiscent of the towns off the coast of Maine or Massachusetts. This is New England, but closer to home.

Next, the road spans north and turns into Main Street Pentwater, complete with art galleries featuring local and national artisans, numerous antique shops, boutique boutique shops, and open-air patio restaurant offering live music, delicious seafood and cold soaps. It is always a happy hour here, if not official, especially in spirit. It was a spectacle to awaken himself to Norman Rockwell, complete with a white church on the edge of town. People are driving slowly; sigh, and they smile, because at Pentwater you feel like you're on vacation, even when you're not.

Towards the end of town, our drive to the village turns west, continues a few blocks, and then dies-ends at the main attraction: the fresh shore of Lake Michigan. Visitors who have never been to the Great Lakes are always amazed, and the locals born and raised here have never been tired of it. An unending water horizon charting the most beautiful sunsets in the world, warm sand between the toes, dune grass flowing through the air, the sound of the flowing stream streams, seagulls, kittens, and ice cream cones; it's Pentwater, not California, not Maine, not Carolina or Hawaii, but Michigan! And after a long walk on the water & into the water, to the top of the pier, around the lighthouse, and back, you fall in love with the hidden city of Michigan & # 39; s. You're so cute. over and over again.

It's waiting. just down the road, to welcome you and you this summer.


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