Beautiful Michigan Visitors Area


The Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn has been open all year with collections of old cars including a 15 Millionth Model T, a 1948 Tucker, a 999 Racer, a Bugatti Royale, a Ford Mark VI Racer, a Ford Mustang # 1 and more.

There are Presidential Limousines such as the Ronald Reagan limousine, the John F. Kennedy limousine, the Dwight D. Eisenhower "Bubbletop", the Franklin D. Roosevelt "Sunshine Special" and more. There is a Heroes of the Sky exhibit that brings to life the first forty years of aviation. In this exhibit you'll find see the Douglas DC-3, the Sikorsky Helicopter, and the Wright Flyer Replica. There is an Agricultural exhibit featuring parts of the first Fordson Tractor, the Massey-Harris Model 20 Combine, and the Oliver Chilled Plow.

There is a collection of old timepieces, a display of four kitchens from different eras, a large collection of American-made jewelry for the last three hundred years, and a silver exhibit and more.

There's nothing It's a lot to see in Greenfield Village , next to the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn. There's nothing s Main Street is a fun place for cars and carriages, events and entertainment.

There are shops, restaurants, a chapel, an old school and other points of interest. The Menlo Park Complex is where you will find & # 39; see the incredible innovations in Thomas Edison & # 39; like the first electric light bulb.

There's nothing It's also a pair of ponds with ducks and geese in it. There is a horse barn, a children's carousel, a train to take you around the village, and more. Plan to spend a day there.

There's nothing It's a lot to do with Frankenmuth , Michigan from shopping, playing golf, eating famous chicken dinners, a narrative tour and cruising the Cass River on a 70-ton boat boat, looking at a free laser light shows, and other inspiring things to do. Plan to spend a day there as well or you can spend the night at the Bavarian Inn lodge or other hotel and look at other sites the next day.

If you want to see trees, shrubs, and flowers, with collections of tropical and isolated plants you need to go Hidden Gardens of the Lake in Tipton, Michigan near Ann Arbor. There is a lake and lemon, natural woods, hiking trails and asphalt car. It's opened. s all year round. They guide trips and certain events at different times of the year.

The best thing to see in Michigan is Renaissance Festival in Holly, Michigan. Inside the gates you will find a happy marketplace with friendly businessmen everywhere. You will enjoy belly dancers, sword fighters, musicians, and comedians. There will be jousting tournaments where the cavalry will be on horseback.

Everyone wore renaissance costumes even the guests. There is all kinds of food from a delicious soup in a bowl of bread to a grilled turkey stew. Everyone had a good, old time there. Bring a camera to get you through the sites again during the day. Open it & # 39; s the weekend of August 18th through September 30th.

There's nothing There's more to see in Michigan so please come back and visit. You and # 39; enjoy what you do!


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