First Time Skiing – What Ski Apparel is Needed?

So you are going to take to the ski slopes for the first time but the whole idea is just rather daunting. Never fear, here are a few tips to get you up and running or should we say skiing. Try to get some time in the gym before going skiing, most often people go on vacations to go skiing and you don't want to get to the slopes, ski for half a day and then not be able to work for the rest of your stay. Get to your local gym and ask the instructors what exercising you can do to be more fit and ready to hit the slopes. Lots of squats and much inner body core muscle exercise I would imagine.

Then, some people say that you should do some sort of sport that is close to snow skiing to get you used to the movement when skiing. I would think if you come from the warmer climates, you could try water wake boarding – being towed behind a boat – although that is going to prepare you for snowboarding more than skiing. Not sure what else you could try. Watch a ski instruction video, most ski apparel shops should have a video or two in stock which will give you good tips on how to ski. Kent's clinic ( has a great video series to help anybody learn to ski or to improve their skiing abilities.

You are going to need ski apparel, or we could say skiing clothing and protective gear. The tip here is not to go for the best brand, but go for a brand that is average and which has a good name – normally the older styles will have stood the test of time. The important ski apparel item is the ski jacket, this is critical in either making or breaking a ski trip. Too light and you will be cold, too thick and you will not be able to move – if it does not breath properly, you will sweat and then your sweat will get cold and so will you. Also be sure that your jacket has enough packets, like the ski pass – often jackets have special pockets for ski passes and also keys and cellular phones.

The other item of ski apparel that is important are the pants, not as critical as the jacket, but it will also spoil your day if you are wet or cold. The other bit of ski apparel that is important are the layers / undergarments – things like long johns, like a t-shirt underneath or body suits, but the idea is that you can keep yourself warm even by just wearing the number of layers to protect you – just be careful of overdoing the number of layers as it affects your movement while skiing.

On the equipment side and especially for the first time I recommend that you hire your equipment – that way you are not stuck with them if you don't enjoy skiing, take a good couple of thick socks to use with the ski boots – and a Couple of big band aid plasters to put over the blisters! To fully enjoy the skiing, make sure you are fit, warm and flexible – just that can make all the difference to your skiing holiday.