Scuba Diving, Colorado Style

Colorado is a landlocked state hundreds of miles from the nearest coast, but you can still enjoy scuba diving; Colorado has a number of lakes and rivers that can offer challenge and enjoyment. A Colorado scuba dving vacation is not as far-fetched as you might think. For those who are “hard core” about their scuba diving, Colorado lakes and rivers are just as good as anyplace in the world.

The Town That Drowned

One of the more interesting destinations for a Colorado scba diving vacation is Horsetooth Reservoir southwest of Fort Collins. In 1946, the federal Bureau of Reclamation chose the site of the town of Stout, located along the La Poudre River. By 1949, the dam was completed and Stout, which had been established only seventy years earlier as a camp for stone quarry workers, had to be abandoned. The remains of the town are still under water at the lake’s southern end; with proper training and dive equipment, Colorado scuba divers can enjoy a fine adventure.

Historic Mining

After outfitting at their local Colorado diving gear supplier, scuba diers may wish to head for the high country to the historic mining community of Leadville, where scenic Turquoise Lake is right nearby. The lake offers some excellent opportunities for exploration through scuba diving; Colorado’s mining industry was the heart and soul of the state’s economy for decades. Given the nearby town’s historical significance, who knows what interesting artifacts one might encounter on a Colorado scuba diving vacation?

Getting Your Dive Equipment

Colorado has its fair share of stores that sell proper equipment, staffed by experienced personnel who also offer certification courses. Colorado diving gear suppliers can also give you insight as to where in the state to go. If you have the time and money to go further afield, however, the fine folks at Colorado diving gear supply stores can also arrange scuba diving vacations to other, more exotic destinations as well.

In any event, you will need to be certified before you go scuba diving. Colorado requirements are just as stringent as other places in the U.S., and this of course is for your own safety; you’ll need to know about the normal hazards, safety practices and how to properly use and care for dive equipment. Colorado instructors can take you through this process and help you get ready for scuba diving colorado style.