A Cheeky Vacation Idea to Beat the Credit Crunch!

With the global money system going nuts and the future uncertain, many of us will be examining our personal finances like never before, and it’s inevitable that sooner or later the cost of the annual family vacation will come under reluctant scrutiny.

Now, you don’t need to be a financial genius to work out that vacationing at, or closer to, home rather than embarking on some far flung adventure will save you wads of cash that could be used for other purposes.

But surely your own doorstep is too familiar to provide the variety, stimulation and new experiences that many of us look for in a vacation?

Well maybe. Unless, that is, you try naturism.

I’m not joking. Think about it.

Naturism (also called nudism,) is a leisure and lifestyle activity that is enjoying explosive growth worldwide, so much so that naturist vacations, or vacations with a naturist element, are now being featured in the brochures of some of the largest holiday companies. Its popularity can be attributed to growing awareness of its unique properties, including…

  • Nudism is good for your health. Its singular stress-busting qualities are well proven, and there is some evidence that freedom from clothes and connection to the earth and elements can protect against some types of cancers and other “diseases of civilisation.”
  • Nudism is environmentally friendly. You don’t need so many clothes on a nudist vacation, and taking just one less suitcase weighing 44 pounds (20 kilos) frees up 22 less pounds of aviation fuel, which saves 68.2 lbs of CO2 emissions. In a car, reducing your load weight by just one suitcase will increase your fuel consumption by nearly 1%. And that doesn’t begin to take into account the cost of manufacture and laundry etc…
  • Nudism offers a huge choice of vacation opportunities. Nudism’s increasing popularity has attracted millions of dollars of investment capital, and the opportunities for nudist relaxation and leisure are growing exponentially.
  • Nudism is fun.

And, last but not least,and the point I want to emphasise:

  • Nudism is refreshingly different to anything you’ve ever done before.

But you don’t need to go on a glossy brochure nudist vacation to enjoy the difference that a nudist break offers. Although it’s very nice to practice your naturism amongst the fabulous beaches, luxurious resorts and cruises with which naturism has become associated, you can enjoy the same benefits much closer to home.

A brief search on the internet will reveal a network of thousands of nudist sites, centres and resorts worldwide, some large, some small, some offering all the amenities, some more basic. In addition, there are hundreds of nudist guest houses, nudist B&Bs and nudist hotels, and, of course, a huge number of free nudist beaches and similar recreational areas, both official and unofficial. Any of these will give you a taste of the nudist lifestyle, and you can even concoct a designer nudist break by mixing and matching amongst them! The important point is that almost wherever you live in the world–certainly in the “westernised” world–some of these nudist amenities will be near you, which means that you can enjoy a nudist break without travelling too far from home.

In other words, naturism offers you a completely different experience, right on your doorstep! Which is just what we were looking for!

So, remembering that we want a credit-crunch beating vacation which still provides ample relaxation and the chance to “do something different”, let’s see what we’ve come up with.

  • Staying closer to home will save you a significant amount of money, which you might need later on.
  • Staying closer to home is environmentally friendly. You’ll save on fuel and other travelling costs and therefore reduce your carbon footprint. (Naturism is also environmentally friendly. See above)
  • Staying closer to home is much less stressful. No hassle with airports / customs / exchange rates / languages / unfamiliar territory.(Naturism is also good for your health. See above.)
  • Staying closer to home helps your own local economy.
  • There will be plenty of opportunity to try a naturist break in your own local area.
  • Nudism is a refreshing change from anything you’ve ever done before.

So, I think the case is proved. In these troubled times you can save money and help save the earth by staying local and taking a nudist vacation.

It will give you the experience of a lifetime and a chance to laugh a little at the credit crunch.

But be warned.

Once you’ve discovered the freedom and joy of a nudist vacation, you might never want to try any other sort again!