Understanding Michigan's Auto Accident Claims and The Basics of No-Fault Law

The laws governing auto accident in Michigan are long and complicated. Often, the terms used by auto insurance attorneys and lawyers are confusing. Two important terms you need to know: Benefits of the First Party Benefits of the Third Party Michigan is a State Without Fault. This means that your own car insurance company in […]

Michigan Child Visiting Change (Parenting Time Change) Becoming Easier

Increasing, decreasing or otherwise changing child visitation times (technically changing parenting time) has made Michigan very easy. As of December 3, 2010, most judges and friends in court referees believe that to get someone more time to parent their child or to restrict parenting time, one must provide proof equivalent to that required to change […]

Three Important Questions to Consider Before Buying Real Estate in Lake Michigan

What are the advantages of buying property in and around Lake Michigan? What did Lake real estate sales look like except for similar transactions in other parts of the country? Why would you want to transfer this place to other destinations in the country? It is advisable to find the answers to these questions before […]

Michigan Hotels for Sale – Investment Review and Help

This is a view of Michigan – the location – with a study of the salient features that make it a much more attractive destination for those who want to get hotels! MICHIGAN HOTELS FOR THE WORD Michigan and water are synonymous – because it was the water that brought European businessmen first to Michigan […]

Michigan Prenuptial Deals – The Five Steps and Findings

In a recent case, Reed v. Reed, the Michigan Appellate Court made a decision that upheld the enforcement of prenuptial agreements especially in long-term marriages. Before Reed, there five main factors to determine if a prenuptial agreement is in force: Is the agreement obtained through fraud, suffering or error? Is the agreement not intentional / […]