Great and Great Michigan Perfect for ATV Riding


For ATV freaks out there, Michigan can be defined in two words and twelve letters …. ENOUGH and GOOD

The state of Michigan is famous for the many different ATV tracks and trails there and numbers continue to increase year after year. the endless number of ATV track tracks is one of the reasons we, at, love Michigan. From snow-capped mountains to the sidewalks of ATV railroads, you can literally find whatever the heart of the ATV imagines. We are not you. Camping or fishing, racing or hunting, you choose

The Baja MX Track is the best ATV track in Michigan … hell, in the world!
The Baja MX ATV track is located in Millington, Michigan and this ATV track features sandy terrain and offers plenty of places to entertain those who don't want to ride their ATVs. On the surface, there are plenty of camping accessories stores for you to choose from, so if the kids love the Baja MX Track as much as we do and you folks decide to hide there for the night, no problem no matter what.
Contact the Baja MX ATV track: 8663, Birch Run Rd., Millington, MI 48746; Phone: (989)871-3356 or email them at; Website:

The Dutch Sportpark MX is a wonderful ATV track for the whole family
If your kids and wife don't like the ATV and don't want to ruin the whole trip for you, the Dutch Sportpark MX is the only place to go. The Dutch Sportpark MX is located in Kalamazoo right outside Bloomingdale, so after the trip, you can still spend time visiting the metropolitan town and the wifey can go for the desired shopping trip … plus, there is a preference # 39; that whatever drives the car in return. Kids have a ball at this ATV park because there is a concession stand there complete with swings, sandboxes and Cartoon Network characters your kids will love. The ATV park is open from 4pm to midnight on Fridays, 7am to midnight on Saturdays and 7:00 pm on Sundays.

To contact them, write to Dutch Sport Park, 13566, CR 665, Bloomingdale, MI, 49026; Phone: (616) 683-4418; Website:

For those who prefer ATV tracks to ATV tracks, if you haven't tried Old Devil & # 39; s Lake Route, it's time to do so.
You will experience one of the most beautiful ATV road trips as you travel the short ten mile ATV route to Alpena, Michigan. The ATV trail is often filled with dirt bikers and ATVs who frequently use it to train or have family fun.

To contact the Devil's people. s Lake Route: Phone: (989) 732-3541; Website with information:


Michigan Firearms Laws – Democrats Announce Fuse For Small Firms, KaBoom You're Lost


Many hours, with many taxpayer dollars being burned in Lansing's capital as Democrats worked to aim a new bill by lawmakers would surely help Michigan reach Washington for more. benefits of unemployment. The makers of democratic law seem to have no regard for small fireworks, business owners operating in the state of Michigan. Small fireworks companies that have been used legally under current law for years, lawmakers have provided the fuse. After KaBoom, they were gone. Representative Harold Haugh (D) of Macomb district, explained this in his testimony before the approval committee, "we will start with a clean slate", most of all small owners in the company firecrackers are against the law today at large, in the fact that it clearly does not fall under the "free business" system of America, and the foundation on which it is presented has been misled by the committee.

Fireworks have received false media coverage for many years in Michigan, law enforcement officials have made public television and radio claims to the fact that they are not legal in Michigan if they leave the land or go sure. As presented in testimony before the committee, those same words were made by those for the bill. Unfortunately the media and law enforcement do not fully publish the law as a whole or straightforwardly have to say. "Michigan fireworks are never illegal if they leave the ground or bang, without a permit." Permits can be obtained from town, village or town offices for legally aged consumers who want to display a 1.4 g previously known as Class C fireworks as long as they can afford simple qualification. Michigan's small dealers and battlefields have been operating under these laws for several years. It provides for regulations on who controls fireworks and prevents many accidents and injuries from occurring.

In light of Michigan's current firearms laws, there is a serious question regarding Amendment # 8 of the United States Constitution that prohibits excessive fines, which are intended to be 10X fine today.

Many other questions have now arisen over the controversy over fireworks laws after giving testimony to all parties promoting and supporting the new fireworks law. Considering the appropriate respect that we "wipe clean clean" as Rep. Haugh testified before the committee, which could impose that all small fireworks companies would be put out of business.

This is where Michigan taxpayers have many unanswered questions. We list them here for public review and to encourage anyone paying the tax on the state of Michigan to write, call, fax or email there representative and request answers:

Question 1: That the proposed law has requirements that call for large investments to be made by business owners so that they can continue to do business. What kind of financial assistance plan is ready and available where there are no disruptions in the ability to move on and keep up with today's business and lifestyle. What are the terms, where are the small business owners I got the check from?

Question 2: All laws and programs have cost, no documents found anywhere on this matter. Where taxpayers obtain a detailed breakdown of all expected costs associated with each service provided in connection with this taxpayer expense bill. Where the money comes from, when there is a short fall in business interest due to overpayment and possible penalties. What would happen is like in many cases when the law failed to create income figures that fell from heaven. How was the state funding this program before achieving the desired results? The track record to date in Michigan's new laws over the last seven years is not a sunny picture.

Question 3: As a taxpayer-funded business, where a citizen can obtain a detailed and complete disclosure of expected operating costs, which includes new jobs created, competitors fire, truck, car, gas, payroll, insurance, retirement funds, and the personal effects needed to get the job done, and what is the burden on taxpayers until the program is established, how can they be funded?

Question 4: Obviously there is a lot of interest in passing the bill to spend more time and money on taxpayers, where taxpayers get documentation on writing commitments from any individuals or organizations. What establishments show a financial commitment to do business with Michigan under this proposed law? How much does a taxpayer spend on trying to pass a tax bill?

As every Michigan citizen noted, without these answers, the point of view is to oppose this bill until a legitimate bill with a strong foundation can be presented with the protection of both small and large businesses are the same in Michigan, which also encourages business growth and jobs for the state. Michigan is the true example of America for the highest number of unemployed.

Previous actions with jobs and income in Michigan. More recently, Spartan Electronic – 100 years in Jackson, Michigan relocated to Illinois, claims Michigan is a non-business with 100 jobs lost, many losing tax dollars. Whirlpool – World Headquarters, Benton Harbor, Michigan is currently building plants in Mexico due to poor business conditions in Michigan, loss of 1000 Michigan jobs, huge revenues, jobs lost in the last twelve months that alone because of little concern for Michigan businesses or the ability to effectively carry on business, is shocking. HB 5999 and all modifications clearly follow the same steps as before. The pennies that are made after all the cost savings do not offset the dollars lost through the simple process. Michigan needs to start recovery today, MAKE IT TODAY, BAD FOR BUSINESS-BAD FOR MICHIGAN!


Find out Why You Must Sell Michigan House Ownership, Whether You Sell Or Sell a House


If you are looking at home rentals in Michigan, you are certainly not alone these days. Due to the poor economic conditions in Michigan it has become an increasingly popular choice, for both sellers and buyers.

In fact, one of the most popular places for making rent in Michigan home is in Grand Rapids.

Rental rent is also referred to as buying a lease or a mortgage option …. because the buyer is foreclosing the home but has the option to buy the home at an agreed price – or , in the case of a rental purchase, the home must be purchased.

Michigan House Rent Rental

There are many reasons why someone might want to rent a home in Michigan. Many individuals or couples are able to make monthly home payments due to a steady income but anyone simply does not have enough to cover for a typical payment or cannot obtain a traditional loan from to a bank due to broken credit.

So, if you decide on a Michigan home ownership lease, you can go to a beautiful home with small fee – is often referred to as a consideration option – and you can do it too bad credit, believe it or not.

How do we know this? Because as real estate investors we make rental decisions and part of what we do is help potential homeowners improve their credit score.

This credit repair is best suited to people looking to rent out the property because it allows us to get people the property they want to own, which, in turn, helps them to they will still improve their credit because they are now making regular home payments reflected in their credit records.

Also, when it comes to home buyers, we can always help that person or couple help them improve their credit so that when they are ready to use their options and buy the property , they will get the credit score they need to get a conventional loan from a bank.

In short, we help people who are sick of throwing money away from rent.

Michigan Homes For Rent – Buy Buy Side Pros

In addition to getting a home with subpar credit and not needing much money for a down payment, there are other advantages for buyers of a rent to own home in Michigan.

For example, if you opt for a home for rent in Michigan, you feel like you are a homeowner because you know you can use your options and buy the home you live in. .

Also, renting your own deals involves something called "credit credit" that the tenant will pay monthly and where applicable the home payment if the option is used. It gives the buyer the right to prove that they are paying for the final true ownership of the property.

Another advantage for buyers in the case of rental options is that they can stay home before deciding whether or not they want to buy it. You may love the house from what you see, but after 12 or 24 months living there you may decide that it is a little for a growing family, or that the neighborhood doesn't & # 39; , and then you can continue to exercise your options.

Alternatively, if you are building a home for sale in Michigan then you are obligated to buy when the term expires. This will depend on the seller’s agreement prior to signing the terms of the contract.

One last potential pro for a buyer to live on a Michigan homeowner rent is if the economy turns and value the property as you live in it, you can have a good amount of profit at the time you need to decide whether to use your options.

Obviously, if the home is worth a little, and you're in a position to buy it for improved credit and other financial reasons, then it might make sense financially.

On the other hand, if the property refuses to appreciate the value, you can simply choose not to use the option, unless you love the property and don't want to move.

Michigan Home Owner Rent – Seller Side Pros

Now, let's talk about & quot; Let's talk about the benefits for a home seller. In a sluggish economy, like the one Michigan faces today, homes are hard to sell. The potential marketers don't just & # 39; There is enough savings to keep or not get the lender loan they need to buy your home.

But if you are desperate to sell – perhaps because you bought a second home and are now making two mortgage payments, or because you lost your job or your spouse, or maybe transferred to the state – you can have someone replace your monthly mortgage payment by allowing your property to be rented in Michigan's own home.

Another great advantage you can have almost always order a high rent on the market if you do rent option …. and can always close to FMV (fair market value) for your home when negotiating the price for the option / purchase.

This is because your potential buyers are not in a position to obtain traditional bank financing to buy a home and, therefore, many are willing to pay close to the market value of your property.

Another significant benefit if you decide to sell your property as a Michigan home for rent is that, generally speaking, renters will treat the house respectfully. This is because if they buy it in the future, they will take care of it as if it were their own.

In the end, you are the seller also take care of tax deduction revenues at the time of the choice since you were in debt. Talk to your accountant about this.

Of course, once the option is made then the home buyer becomes the owner and after all the potential tax deductions they can do … but you fulfilled what you had planned: sell your home for a slow economy for good price.

A home-buying home for sale can be a Win / Win scenario for both seller and buyer alike and that is why they are so popular today.

If you are a home seller and would like our help, please visit our Sell Michigan page ( .


How to Get Michigan Arrest Laws Criminal Justice & Quick


If you need to obtain arrest records from Michigan, you must contact CJIC. This law enforcement agency is the Criminal Justice Information Center. This is the state reporter where you can find all of the lawsuits, convictions, and records made in the state of Michigan. This repository maintains a criminal history database that compiles all of the information it sends through law enforcement, courts, and administrators.

If a person is arrested, the law enforcement agency is required by Michigan law & # 39; s to submit information to this database such as fingerprints, capturing information, and fees. All of these Michigan arrest records are public information, except in many cases. Anyone can search criminal history to get the records they need. You will find that in obtaining these records, there is always a small fee involved. If you find these records through a free service, you may not get all the information you are looking for.

If you pay a fee for Michigan arrest records, you will usually get a complete record. You will also know that some records have expired. These evidenced arrest records are not available to the general public because they may encounter special behaviors such as their case being dismissed as well as the severity or nature of the crime. These arrest records are only available to the appropriate law enforcement agencies.

If Michigan arrest records are obtained, the person arrested will find their entire criminal record. Even if their record is publicly accessible, the public will only be able to view the main issues of arrest. There are some places on the arrest record that cannot be indulged. It will depend on the type of case it is and whether the case process is completed or pending. If you order these records through CJIC, you will have to pay a $ 10.00 fee in the form of a cash order or a certified check. You need to fill out a formula with the essential information to receive these records but the process is easy to complete.


Open Circle Preservation In Southwest Michigan


Everyone wishes to stay away from it all and talk to Mother Nature. Southwest Michigan has offered such ownership for generations.

Vineyards, orchards, and many fertile fields dot the landscape like postage stamps, safe from the tourist bastions that favor the shores of Lake Michigan and only visit the flowing waters enclaves during harvest.

Slowly, as the coast line fills up and the population grows along the coast, so does the appearance of the specialist investing and the peasantry as big landowners.

This has created a resurgence in the market as developers and investors have suddenly offered a wind to a fifth-generation farmer who found the offer uncontrollable and opted for an early one. retirement. Fall is the loss of the large open tract and access to medium to high density single family, planned muscle mass (PUD & # 39; s), and condominium sites.

Ownership of land and the inclusion of this "bundle of rights" gives these gifts of ownership and it is certain what the purpose of the allodial system is. The fatal casualties continue to disappear in open spaces.

My passion is in preserving these large, beautiful, open spaces even though I have been appointed to oversee land subdivisions and other land use and land use controls for my town.

It is a gift and an interesting moment as I am a licensed Realtor and a Township Zoning Administrator despite this very confluence that my two realities are peaceful partners.

Our Zoning Ordinance is now being revised and by adopting a speech to support the Purchase of Development Rights (PDR & # 39; s) and Transfer of Development Rights (TDR & # 39; s) we can encourage our local framers to continue to operate their own trades while securing their financial security in the future.

A PDR allows the purchase of rights to develop and allows for fair compensation and current market value. They may be offered funding available at the local, state, or national levels of government.

My platform for sharing this information is my replacement as a Realtor and the response is very encouraging.

The long term consequences of such a program's success will not be known for some time because we are at the mercy of budget funding and the political process, but if not already, there is hope and a bag -the level of awareness.

Save the land, they don't do it anymore!


Best Saline Michigan Pizza


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If you are looking for pizzas then your search will end here as we have an absolutely wonderful option available to you. So keep your wedding with an announcement-redeeming event for your bridesmaids to think about after your wedding years. Everyone wants their wedding to leave a lasting impact on the guests. They want their guests to be satisfied with their wedding experience. So, for these purposes, you came to the right station as we also believe in providing a world class experience to our customers and their famous guests. Opt for the best family price enhancement tastes our customers provide. With good food and amazing preparations, you can make sure everything is in control of your big day and that in a classic and elegant way.


Buying for a Home in Bay City, Michigan


Bay City is a beautiful town located in central Michigan. If you are looking for the cheapest home, a peaceful community, plus a great standard of living, this may be the location for you.

Some Details about the City of the Bay

The Bay City was first settled in 1837 and incorporated in 1865. The town was originally called "Underground" and was a piece of Saginaw County until the time it became part of the newly formed Bay County. Mainly because it is on the edge of Saginaw Bay in Lake Huron, the town became a shipping location. Hundreds of massive Michigan white pineapple areas have been logged and shipped by boat from Bay City. You can still drive a car along Center Avenue to this day and look at mansions built by wooden barons in the late 1800 & # 39; s. The same-time logging business has created a downtown lined with brothels and taverns, called "Hell & # 39; s Half Mile".

Bay City is part of the Great Lakes Bay area or Tri-Cities area. The Tri-Cities are the cities of Bay City, Midland and Saginaw. It is approximately twenty minutes or so from the Tri-Cities MBS International Airport. It has a population of almost 35,000 people. Nearby colleges are Saginaw Valley University and Delta Community College.

The town is a waterfront town, making it an excellent destination for work and recreation. It is found on the Saginaw River with easy access to the Saginaw Bay. There are also a variety of festivals and celebrations to take place, especially during the summer months. The principal festivals are St. Stan's s Polish Festival, River Roar, and Pig Gig with the Independence Day Fireworks Festival. The Fireworks Festival is a landmark event, lasting for days when bombs are being kept on the Saginaw River.

Some fun activities to fill out are to schedule a cruise, Appledore, which requires expeditions to Saginaw Bay, or drop off at Bay City's innovative Planetarium & # 39; or spend some time in the fall watching Hell & # 39; s Half Mile independent film festival, with many performances taking place at the historic State Theater. In addition, in the autumn, you can take part in the Yearly Wine Walk throughout downtown Bay City. Finally, you can check out one of the many antique shops located downtown.

Bay City Communities

There are many local neighborhoods to choose from. There are options to live closer to downtown or to many suburban locations. There are also a variety of pricing options to choose from. The estimated house price of the house is almost $ 80,000. The average price for all units of real estate is around $ 90,000.

Bay City is a beautiful place to live and for your family to enjoy. It is located north of Michigan with many options open, but it is still large enough for large cities to be involved in cultural events.

Talk to a local realtor or home loan professional to help you buy your dream home there.


Many snowstorms make Snowmobiling in Michigan Most Famous and Much Dangerous


Each night thousands of snowmobile riders hit 6,200 miles of state, state-run trails to enjoy Michigan's breathtaking views from the seat of a snowmobile.

Snowmobiling has a huge impact on the state's economy, annually spending more than a billion dollars generated directly and indirectly from more than 400,000 registered snowmobiles in Michigan. Opportunities include hotels, restaurants, the tourist industry across the globe, and retailers and manufacturers. The average snowmobile sold for $ 8,800 in 2009, while the average snowmobiler spent $ 4,000 on the sport. Those are the funds put into the state's economy.

Nationwide there were 1.65 million registered snowmobiles in 2009 with snowmobiling having $ 22 billion in annual impacts in the United States. More than 90,000 full time jobs are created in the snowmobile industry in North America each year. In 2009, about 61,593 snowmobiles were sold in the U.S.

The Michigan Snowmobile Association (MSA) is urging 20,000-plus members and all snowmobilers to take the Zero Tolerance Pledge and promote alcohol-free snowmobiling. It is against the law and carries the same severe penalties as drinking and driving a car.

During the winter of 2009-10, there were 23 snowmobile accidents in Michigan that resulted in 26 deaths according to the Law Division of the Michigan Department of Natural Resources & Environment. In 2008-2009 there were 24 snowmobile crashes that led to 25 deaths.

My law firm is joining the MSA to advance the cause of non-snowmobiling. We are encouraged that more and more snowmobilers are responsible for and not mixing alcohol in this good winter sport. And while using our state-of-the-art trails, we urge caution be given to pedestrians, cross-country skiers, or snowmobiles groups to avoid accidents.

A snowmobile can weigh up to 600 pounds and some performance sleds can travel at speeds of over 90 m.p.h. At 90 m.p.h., a snowmobile is moving at 131 feet per second. At a standard reaction time of 1.5 seconds, a snowmobile travels 195 feet before stopping.

Children are at risk for snow-related damage from being an operator, bystander, or passenger. Snowmobile-related injuries are often the result of a parent's risk-taking behavior (excessive speed, alcohol use, and night driving). Men younger than 16 are more than three times as likely as women of the same age to continue snow-related damage.

In the event of an accident, I urge the victim to notify if they are on the state road, public or private, as the Michigan recreation statue provides for government immunity if you are injured on state land while freezing. While on trails that pass through private land, snowmobiles must remain on the trail to avoid trespassing and to avoid hidden hazards such as rocks or snow stumps.

I also want to remind snowmobile owners that when a snowmobile operator collides with a moving car they are subject to Michigan No Fault Law. The operator could qualify for the No Fault benefits if they struck a car parked on the side of the road in "a way that provides an unreasonable danger to the body. in the snow is always entitled to No Fault.

Statistics show that 10-15 percent of snowmobile accidents occur on carefully guarded and designed tracks where almost 80-90 percent of all snowmobiling occurs. Just a few of the hazards on the tracks include: Cables and guide cables, fences, barbed wires, unsafe ice and ice sheets, hidden rocks, tree trunks, low hanging branches. and other obstacles.

The United States Product Safety Commission estimates that 110 are killed and 13,400 hospital emergency care injuries occur each year with snowmobiles. Approximately 40% of reported deaths are caused by collisions with trees, wires, bridges, and other vehicles. Other deaths occurred when the snowmobile circled along the canal or creek and painted the operator under the car. The deaths also occurred when the snowmobile was operating on ice and fell.

In Michigan snowmobile safety training is recommended for all operators and is required for people between the ages of 12 and 17. Operator's speed and vigilance are responsible for most accidents. In Michigan, it is an added hazard to travel along waterways if the ice is too thin. For a safe and enjoyable time, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources offers these tips:

  1. Always keep your engine in top mechanical condition.
  2. Always wear insulated boots and cloth covers including helmets, gloves and eye protection.
  3. Do not ride alone.
  4. Avoid, if possible, crossing frozen bodies of water.
  5. Do not operate a file when crossing frozen bodies of water.
  6. Always alert to avoid fences and low strung wire.
  7. Do not operate on a street or street.
  8. Always look for snowballs.
  9. Keep headlights and taillights on at all times.
  10. When approaching an intersection, make a full stop, take a seat and look for traffic.
  11. Always check the weather conditions before you leave.

Snowmobile riders injured by someone who carries unnecessary risks have the right to collect damages. A lawyer who knows about the dangers of snowboarding can help you determine if you are suffering from neglecting another. If a preventable accident catches you at your health, contact an attorney as soon as possible. Only an experienced personal injury lawyer can help you get the justice you deserve.


Frank Torre – A Detroit Michigan businessman and businessman


Based in Michigan, Frank Torre is an entrepreneur with a history of successfully establishing, expanding, and growing companies.

Currently, Mr. Torre serves as CEO of Signal Restoration Services, a full-service disaster rehabilitation contractor based in Troy, Michigan.

Since its founding in 1972, Signal Restoration Services has specialized in foreclosing property loss in the state of Michigan and nationally.

In 1992, Mr. Torre founded Torre & Bruglio, Inc. and has grown into one of the largest horticultural service contractors in the Midwest with over 900 employees serving more than 800 business accounts.

In 2000 Torre & Bruglio expanded the golf course management business providing maintenance for golf courses from 18 holes to 36 holes in PGA Tournament courses as well as clubhouse hospitality and event management services. . Frank Torre sold the Brickman Group horticulture business in 2008 continuing to follow Frank Torre & # 39; It's a philosophy of commitment to a culture of excellence for all clients.

Outside of his career, Mr. Torre has remained active in the community. Frank Torre serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Rehabilitation Institute in Michigan, part of the Detroit Medical Center as well as serves on the Executive Board of Tenet Healthcare Corporation, located in Dallas, Texas, a DMC-owned company.

Along with TV personality Rhonda Walker, Frank presented the Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan & # 39; s Heroes Award to one of the patients, a young man from Detroit sitting in a wheelchair.

As Chairman of the Boys Hope and Girls Hope Club of Detroit, an academic and philanthropic scholarship program for the disadvantaged youth of metro Detroit, Pontiac, and the surrounding area, supporting a variety of philanthropic activities and activities to improve education and opportunities for the unemployed.

As a long-time proponent of the initiative, during the 21st Annual Golf Classic held to support Detroit's Men and Women's Hope at the Oakland Hills Country Club in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, one a suburb of Detroit, Mr. Torre was responsible for growing up. more than $ 2.5 million in this annual event to help strengthen programs and sponsors Hope for Men and Women in Detroit.

Frank Torre, in collaboration with Roger Penske, owner of Team Penske and the Penske Automotive Group (PAG), maintains a pivotal role in the annual races of the Detroit Grand Prix, a professional auto racing car held in Detroit & # 39; s Belle Isle combining public and private communities and international attendance.


Michigan State Auctions Offers Its Fun Luxury Cars


Michigan State auctions are the ideal place to get cheap luxury cars. Like all auto auctions, the main benefit is the opportunity to find a quality car with attractiveness. There are many auction houses in Michigan State sales that open public auto auctions. However, it can be difficult to get one that always has such nice cars.

If you are just looking for great cars and nothing else, there are two options. The first is to keep a watchful eye on future auctions located throughout the state. Once you discover one that has a number of these cars, it's time to travel. However, there is a lot of flooding in this scheme. The main disadvantage is that it can be difficult to keep track of each upcoming auction, without having to go through all the stock listings.

The best idea is to focus on the top few open house auction houses. By the way, do not keep track. Because of their size, they are more prone to have cheap cars than ever before. Here are some of the State of Michigan sales that you need to watch carefully.

Among the oldest famous public auction auctions is Midwest Auto Auction Inc. dating back to 1952. They have regular public auctions. Their cars vary from drive-in drives to repossessions. They have a huge collection of exotic cars scattered across hundreds of cars, which are auctioned every week.

The Great Detroit Auto Auction is a wonderful destination to find affordable Michigan State Auctions cars. Prior to each auction, there is a 2 hour preview and, if this is your first auction, a quick 15 auction type. Each week they share more than 200 cars. They also hold the annual Classic Car Auction. It includes more than 30 major cars including the BMW 5 Series, Cadillac's, Lexus IS 300, several Jaguars, and more at one auction. Most importantly, they run both lanes, which is probably one of the most prestigious parts of the Greater Detroit Auto Auction. This means if both cars are the same on both channels, there is a strong possibility that there will be multiple bidding on one car. Thus, you can get a very good deal with the other.

Just by following the Greater Detroit Auto Auction and Midwest Auto Auction, you have the opportunity to observe more than 50 luxury cars each week in the Michigan State area. This is much simpler than fishing through a lot of small auction houses, and following weekly line breaks with no less than 100 cars each. With these two big auction houses, you only need to attend 4 auctions a week. You can still scan almost 500 – 1000 cars, with more than the normal percentage of luxury cars, all located in the Michigan State area.