Holland, Michigan Criminal Defense


The 58th District Court's mission is to interpret and apply the law with fairness, equality and integrity, and to improve public accountability for improved quality of life in Ottawa County.

The 58th district court is trying to be sensitive and respond to the needs of a diverse community. Develop and maintain the highest levels of public and legal services to effectively and efficiently utilize public resources. Ensure that court procedures and structures can best facilitate the efficient and efficient resolution of court matters. Continue to promote and investigate problem-solving methods within the defense for litigants and litigants.

There are two district court judges in Holland, Michigan. The first district court judge was Bradley Knolls. He is the Chief District Court Judge. Susan A Jonas is another district court judge. These judges have been highly respected by members of the legal community and have been on the bench for several years now.

The county manager & # 39; s in Holland, Michigan from Ottawa County. The Ottawa County Office & # 39; a bit difficult to deal with. You must have an experienced and aggressive defense attorney on your side if you are facing criminal charges in Holland, Michigan.

During the arraignment process the defendant was told what crime they were facing and what was the maximum jail time for the crime. Finally, the defendant entered a guilty plea or an unreasonable plea.

The concessions are motive and there are introductory conferences next. For example, acts of correction of evidence or dismissal of criminal charges. At the express conferences, the defendant & # 39; attorneys will try to reach a plea agreement with the city attorney or city manager.

If no compromise is reached between the accused and the prosecutor, there is a jury trial or bench trial. Usually, it is always best to have a jury trial. A defense attorney only needs to convince a jury member that they are not guilty of hiring a hung jury. A hung jury where the jury can decide whether the defendant is guilty of a crime. A silent jury usually results in a request or other trial.

The final phase of the criminal process in Holland, Michigan will be sentenced. Herein is given the sentence of the crime of the current convict.

Holland, Michigan is a beautiful and diverse town culture. There have been problems with gang-related activity recently. However, the town is working to solve this problem. Unfortunately, the Holland police department has a bad reputation for violating the rights of the accused.


Best Places For Dock fishing in Michigan 2017


While Michigan has enough lakes to open any size boat, fishing isn & # 39; t only for those in open water. From Lake Michigan to Lake St Clair to Lake Superior, and almost everywhere in between, our state has a wide range of harbor and fishing harbor destinations that may be favorable for delay and catch.

Muskegon is home to many ports for visitors and residents. Early morning or evening hours, about two hours before dark, are usually the best time to fish at the Muskegon Pier or Muskegon Lake. Bluegill, bass and walleye are the most rewarding catches, and most of them can be caught without further worms in the summer.

Brighton has a famous location for the fishing port of Mill Pond, right in the town. Some fishing friends have told me that the perfect place to get some action is on the boardwalk near the city hall. Asthma, biggest, bluegill and even a turtle will love your line if you work with live bait.

Houghton is home to the Otter Lake Dam, which offers some good bank fishing. On a beautiful day, you will discover locals full of everything from the trail to the dam. All kinds of fish are caught here, from bass to bluegill to trout and pike, often using minnows or synthetic pain.

Alpena is one of the first fishing villages in the Thunder Bay Island region, and fishing has always been one of the specialty areas & # 39; The Thunder Bay River, which cuts directly into the city, offers unique coastal fishing for trout and other species as you approach downtown. But you don't have to stay in that area to get a good bite. Just a quick drive south of you and discover Hubbard Lake – home to surf, bass, pike and more – that has become a hot spot for family vacations with a fishing pier there right on the camp sites.

Leelanau may be one of the best places in Michigan to go fishing with walleye. The ports and coastline off Lake Shore Drive, along the Lake Leelanau area called The Narrows, became a hot bed for walleye following its implanting back in 2012. The lake is self-contained and a perfect one. which is home to walleye, due to the abundance of forage and insects. In this area, the use of crankbaits and stickbaits on summer nights is almost guaranteed to catch.

Clare is one of the best options on the land, but what may be lacking in access to the Great Lakes is made for excellent coastline and fishing in the harbor. Being close to a college community, there are many fresh anglers who are testing the waters against banks. The Deerfield Park off M20 offers a pond and river system open year-round for crappie, walleye, bass and pike fire.


Host a Charity Event with a "Casino Theme" in Michigan


In Michigan, there are several ways for nonprofits / charitable organizations to host a "Night Party / Las Vegas Party", a fundraising event with a "casino" theme. They can hold a State license, "Millionaire & # 39; s Party", work with a local Charity Poker Room or create their own Casino sponsored fundraiser / gala event

1. Host your own event

If your group is a registered charity (ie; 501 (c) 3 or equally identifiable), you can apply to the State to obtain a Millionaire & # 39; s Party (this license will allow you to host a Texas Hold & # 39; Em Poker Tournament), just like you might see held at summer festivals and events held at many churches throughout the State. These events are like walking into a "real casino", where your guests buy their chips, play various games and then finally "cash out" their chips for cash , redeem them for prizes, etc.

There is a registration fee of fifty dollars ($ 50.00) per day for this license and you can get a good license for up to four consecutive days. You can get your group up to four (4) of these licenses each calendar year. To obtain this license, there are several papers that need to be completed and then many post-event papers to be submitted to the State as well. You need to start the licensing application process as early as possible, as the State is now telling people, that you must allow at least six (6) to eight (8) weeks for processing their application. . And since you need to get your license number on all flyers and other promotional materials, you don't have to advertise your activity until you get your license. Likewise, you must comply with all State regulatory rules & # 39; which has to do with the movement of this activity.

The key to this is a successful fundraising event, so you need to have your team and members and supporters, show up, participate in the games, and lose money at the games. The more money they lose, the more money your group will make.

You can visit the State website & # 39; s (see the website address in Section 2 below) for more information on how your activity is run, to obtain your licensing application and a list of licensed equipment suppliers.

2. Work with a local, Charity Poker Room

Given the current popularity of playing Texas Hold & # 39; Em Poker television, over the last several years with many Charity Poker rooms, has opened across the State. Many of these Funds are becoming more and more popular, and there are so many following, that they are open seven nights a week.

If there are such Charity Poker Accounts available in your area, you can check them out. If your group qualifies for a State license, you might consider working with them rather than hosting your own event. You must comply with all of these State and # State rules and regulations in connection with the conduct of your activities, but the Offer may assist you through this process.

The main reason for working in these Charity Poker Rooms is that you really have to worry about your groups and # 39; s members and supporters who show up for this class at an event, to make it a success.

Now comes a paradigm shift … your members and supporters don & # 39; you really have to show this collector in order for it to succeed! If Charity Poker Rooms is a well-established charity poker room, they have a team of loyal poker players to show up and play, no matter the charity. Groups working with the established Charity Poker Rooms typically expect to earn between $ 1,000 to $ 4,000 per four (4) day run, which is not good for returning your $ 200 investment for your license.

Again you can visit the State website & # 39; s (http://www.michigan.gov/cg/0,4547,7-111-35016—,00.html) for more information on how to operate your application and obtain your license application.

3. Host a Casino Night / Las Vegas themed party / gala event

Similar to a traditional "dinner / dance, fundraiser", instead of dancing as the preferred entertainment for your fundraiser / gala, you get "just for fun".

Your guests will pay the price of the ticket to attend your event / gala, and for this, they will receive some kind of consolation, one (1) price ticket, an advance amount of chips or "funny money" and the chance to participate in "just funny" entertainment in the game.

Following the event, your guests will transfer all their "winnings" to additional door-to-door tickets, and you will get drawings for various door prizes (and hopefully all of these prizes will be given away at your group).

The key to keep in mind here is that because chips are worth less money, and you can't "buy" more chips, it's not "real gamble" (keep in mind that this is "just for fun" game), and so a State license is unnecessary.

Also in this type of event you want to keep the focus on fun, and not on who actually wins. Remember to claim all your events, they receive one (1) ticket price at the door, so that one can attend your event, not participate in any of the games, but can still travel with a prize at door to the end.

And just like any traditional fundraiser your organization can make, you can figure out the cost of profit in this event, since you already know all of your fixed costs (ie; home / meal, gaming equipment rental, per person needs, etc.), you simply set your admission price. You can also take advantage of many additional opportunities to collect your event, such as selling game table sponsorships, selling special drinks at the event, and more.


Michigan Viking Mystery – White Indians


Rune Mysteries – Michigan White Indians

Michigan is full of Viking Artifacts dating back to 1000 AD.

In 1876, Johan Bauer from the village of Wallsange, Sweden searched for "Rings and Runes in Kolberg." He finds them and begins his life long quest for the mysterious runes. In 1891, he emigrated with his parents to America where he became the editor of a Swedish-language newspaper in Ashland, Wisconsin.

One day, an Indian came into the office asking to buy a subscription. Bauer wondered if he was exchanging. The Indians told him that several Indians in the area were descendants of White men. The Indians spoke some words in Swedish that expressed his interest.

Bauer records the Indian story & # 39; in a 63 page book in 1930. The title is "Viking Mettle". The story of the advent of White men, with their Rune Mysteries in America around 1010 AD.

The Indians said that the white men wore "ice" (armor and helmets.) The Indians spoke strange words (Swedish) and wore Runic Charms to avoid evil. Wherever the Indians learned the Swedish words other than the Vikings themselves.

The arrival of the Vikings in 1010 AD is told by many legends and folk tales from the old men of Chippewa, Menominee, Choctow and Arapahoe.

Why American historians are reluctant to write about these Indian legends.

In 1969, a hunter and five friends were hunting in Lake Country Michigan, near the City of Baldwin. One of the hunters fell while descending the slope. He fell through a sod of rocks and rocks that had placed a roof on rotting logs.

This is a room about eight feet square. The floor has carbon-filled fire rings. There are piles of pebbles, liquids, next to the hole, written on runes.

Betty Sodders in her book "Michigan Pre-History Mysteries" reports other similar trends on the high peninsula.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. I request that you join us and surf the net for more Viking History.